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Ninja Infotech Smart Solutions is a technology and internet marketing service blog where we provide complete Digital marketing and tech related solutions

Through this blog we want to help people with the technology information they are searching online.

We give 100% honest and well researched technology reviews so that our readers get a user friendly and comfortable experience.


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You get the best and honest tech news and updates about softwares and other technnology in the market.

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About Author

Hi, I am Roberto, and the main content writer here at Ninja Infotech Smart Solutions. I have a Bachelors’s degree in Electronics technology. With more than 7 years of knowledge in the field of Electronics technology and writing several technology-based blogs, I try to help the online community with the best advice in the technology field. I try my best to create and publish quality posts on this website.

You can contact me here at: [email protected]ainfotechsmartsolutions.com

More about me

I have knowledge of website development, game designing, and digital marketing. I also help people with content creation and I watch a lot of science-related movies so, if anyone of you is up for discussion then you can ping me now.

In my leisure time, I always try to invest my time in reading books and I like to surf the internet to get the best tech news for you.

Qualification and Education

  • Bachelors in Electronics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Game development
  • Game designing
  • Web development
  • Python Programming
  • VLSI Designs
  • Microcontrollers and Microprocessors
  • Content Writing