How to Get Adsense approval for WordPress Website?? | Complete Checklist to get adsense approval for Free

how to get adsense approval

Topic : In this small blog post I have mentioned how to get adsense approval for wordpress or blogger website?

Watch this video to know the complete details on adsense approval.

Video Credit : Ninja Influencers Academy | Topic :How to Get Adsense Approval for your website

In this video we have discussed about a set of things you need to do and is more like a checklist to get you adsense approval.

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Complete Checklist on Adsense Approval

This checklist will help you immensely.

✔Particular Niche Based Domain

✔15-20 Unique Posts (more content the better chances)

✔Adsense Supported themes

✔Social Signals

✔Little Organic traffic

✔1-2 Month old domain

✔important pages like about us,contact us,privacy policy,disclaimer,terms and conditions page.

Conclusion on How to Get adsense approval for WordPress Website

I conclude this discussion with this,I hope this small post helped you. Adsense is only a small step to your blogging journey and earning money online.

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