How Long do Laptops Last??

how long do laptops last

A good built laptop lasts 5 to 6 years if you are asking about how long do laptops last?, on an average. Yes, the people who buy the most expensive laptops ,this question applies to all.

In this blog article, I will discussing the benefits of using laptops with good specifications and how you can increase the lifespan of a laptop by following a couple of tips suggested by me.

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Factors that decide Lifespan of a Laptop

First of all there are different types of laptops that are available in the industry. The lifespan of an average laptop is 3 to 5 years. It also depends on a couple of factors such as Hard drive, Processor ,Operating system ,Software and many believe the brand factor also play a huge role.

I personally feel the price of a laptop is one of the key factors to judge whether laptop is actually that much valuable. It is the components and software that makes up the machine.

The handling of laptops is also is a key factor which I feel is important. In my experience the engineers and academic students who know about computers have used laptops for 5 to 6 years with proper maintainance.

So, next important point is upgrading your laptops. Like always update your software if your operating system asks for it. Installing the antivirus to protect against malwares and viruses is also one of the key points to be noted.

This are few points I can remember at the moment and you can follow the above steps and surely the lifespan of your laptop shall increase.

Also, it is important to take your laptop to service center whenever there is any hardware and other issues, they will know and fix in no time.

What Should you do When you Get a New Computer??

If you are a person who has already bought your new laptop and looking to use it then I would recommend you to follow the below mentioned steps :

  • Installing Software – the software that is required by your system must be installed. It may be any program and make sure that it is working properly. Although you don’t need to worry about the thing and you can relax just inform this once to IT department of your laptop provider.
  • Install the Security Features and migrate old files into the new machine – always install security features for your new laptop like antiviruses. It scans and detects problems and always cleans the trash file from your system.
  • You must customize the settings – the laptops must be customized properly with proper time and date to the system and also a good font structure is must.

Conclusion on How Long do Laptops Last?

Before conclusion of this very important topic on how long do laptops last I would like to add few more points which are important for beginners.

You must protect the screen and body of your laptop with screen guard. You should also use the buttons , power port ,other USB points of your laptop with care.

The last thing I would like to add is it all depends upon you and if you follow above steps properly you can always increase the longevity of your precious device.

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