How long does it take to Learn Web Development??USA 2021

how long does it take to learn web development

In this article, I will write how long does it take to learn web development??

All the points I will mention are from my point of view so if any of them does not match your idea or roadmap you can still look into what I personally did to learn web development.

So, let me start from the basics first, to learn web development you need a personal computer or laptop of your own. The idea is to build websites using different programming languages.

There are many programming languages but they always go with the recent trend. To know the recent trend you have to read blogs or articles like this on Google or your country-specific search engine.

Some common programming languages used to become a full-stack website developer are Java and Python.

Now, I will share my roadmap so if you are interested then you can read along.

Full Stack Web Developer RoadMap for Beginners

I was not always in this field of programming and one of my friends actually influenced me a lot.I was fascinated by his knowledge on programming.

I understand you may not be from a coding background.Neither was I ,I was more into electronics and technology.

Then,you also know the current jobs are more IT based and if you have a good understanding of coding then you have good chances of getting a job in one of the large multi-national IT firms.

My full stack web developer roadmap is simple I have been following different tutorials on YouTube and consistently practiced Python programming.

I purchased one of the top trending Python bootcamp courses in Udemy for less the 10 dollars.It although has a different value all together.

I used to work on assignments given to me and slowly I made a grasp of this coding language.I then learnt about GitHub and its open source projects and how website developers contribute to the community.

The main thing I did was I worked on small open source projects and then I followed this roadmap provided by GitHub for web development.

In next paragraph I will break down this roadmap ,so stay with me.

Web Development Growth Opportunities and Much more

The roadmap that I provided you above is like a gold mine.The web development has both Frotend Development and Backend development.

You can opt for frontend or backend or both.If you opt for both you learn about Full Stack web development in details.There are resources available on internet for free and if you are truely passionate about something you gain knowledge no matter the hardles you face.

There is a vast growth opportunity in the field of web development and I feel starting from the roots is key to success.

I always believe in systematic approach so I bought several courses where professionals taught ,so I first learnt about Frotend Web development.

I learnt how to set up a local web development environment.I was explained about the history of internet and much more at the very beginning itself.

Mainly three languages goes into designing of websites.They are HTML,CSS and Javascript and I already mentioned in one of my earlier articles how you can design a HTML portfolio website from scratch.

In HTML you learn about tags,boilerplate,lists,images,anchor texts and tables and how to structure a proper HTML website.

For all of it you need a text editor like Atom Text Editor to run your code and set up a local environment.

After that I used to keep notes of my work in a notebook and this helped me revise my lectures.

CSS is for styling your website and you learn about Classes and Ids and much more like typography.A website structure is done with the help of HTML and styling is done with the help of CSS.

You can only get better at it by simply practicing more and more and working on small projects.The other things I learnt was Bootstrap 4 and created a website that people love.

The last part was Javascript and jQuery and all of it is in Frontend only.You get so much idea about all of this that now you can design your own professional website and a dice game as a matter of fact.

There is backend and a lot of other things to study as well and keeping on practicing is your only means of success formula.

To learn more about the roadmap you can visit the Github complete roadmap for web developers that I mentioned above.

Growth opportunity for a web developer are tremendous depending on the skill.If you have good command over your subject you can naturally prosper.

Now I will mention some of the best colleges in USA to study Website Development.

Best Universities for Web Design and Development in US

Having a professional degree in web development is a must if you want a good job in this field.There are some good programs in USA like Bachelor of aScience in web design and web development from Full Sail University.

Other popular best universities for web design and development in US is mentioned in website.

Conclusion on How long does it take to Learn Web Development??

I personally feel that website design and development requires a good logical person.Creating a website is no fancy thing nowadays but if your question is how long does it take it take to learn web development then I have to say that it depends.

I know people who are professionals working in this field and I know how well they are paid.But if you concentrate on study before thinking about money then eventually you get to enjoy the process.

In my case ,I like to blog but I also want to earn but it is just for motivation ,I write about technology and stuff because I enjoy what I do.

Is this the case with you or something else you have in mind?

I recommend you to read my other blogs Ninja Infotech Smart Solutions to know more.

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