How to Change YouTube Banner??

how to change youtube banner

Topic: How to Change YouTube Banner?

Hello, in this blog article I will help you and answer how to change YouTube Banner. So, if you are having a problem with the YouTube banner you can read the full post.

So, How to Change YouTube Banner Step by Step

So on how to change YouTube Banner, I will suggest you follow these steps as I mention below.

Step 1– Visit YouTube and sign in with your Gmail. Then visit YouTube Studio. You get an interface similar to the one I attached below.

I have attached the screenshot of the interface taken from my personal computer. If you use a smartphone you must install the YouTube studio application.

how to change youtube banner
Image Credit: YouTube

Step 2 – Go to Customisation. Then select Branding. Select the banner. Then Upload an image 6 MB or less with a minimum size of 2048 *1152.

how to change youtube banner
Image Credit: YouTube

You are done with setting up a banner and if you want to learn how to create beautiful YouTube banners I link a video here created from Canva in a professional way. Here they mention how to make a youtube banner in Canva.

You can use stock image websites like pixels, Pixabay, and many more to create banners. If you want to know more on YouTube and earn money online then you can Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.


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So, I conclude this discussion on how to change the banner step by step procedure, learn more about the latest technologies, and much more on our website.

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