How to Create an eCommerce Website using WordPress?? USA 2021

How to Create an eCommerce Website using WordPress

If you want to know how to create an eCommerce website using WordPress in USA 2021 easily and start an online business I will help you with the help of this blog article.

I made a print-on-demand website on WordPress as I didn’t know of Shopify.

If you want to know more about Shopify and how to start your personal branded e-commerce store then check our blog article where I explained everything.

So, without delay let’s come back to this topic on How to easily create an eCommerce Website using WordPress.

How to Build an eCommerce Website Step by Step 2021

To build an eCommerce website also need some kind of product to sell. It may be a Shoe or it may be a T-shirt. You need to know to get the success you need a good-looking website.

This is where my help will come helpful for you. I will tell you everything I know about WordPress and eCommerce.

But first, let us know what is WordPress as many of you might be new to the term.WordPress is a CMS platform and it is used to create blogs or websites.

To create an eCommerce website in WordPress you need hosting and a domain. Hosting can be bought from BlueHost and you get a free domain for a year as well.

This is the minimum investment you need if you want to use WordPress.Now when it comes to WordPress it can be easily installed by following this video.

The above steps are super simple and are a one-click process. Now, you have a website where you can add pages, posts, themes, and plugins.

Best Ecommerce Theme for WordPress Free and Woocomerce Plugin Customization Tutorial

Like Shopify, you need a good theme for your WordPress website and if you are searching for a good theme you can check the paid ones or use the free e-commerce friendly themes.

You can use the Astra theme as a beginner and install it from the themes section of WordPress.You need an Elementor plugin,you can do that and create a good-looking website by following this tutorial.

To start e-commerce in WordPress you will need the Woocommerce plugin and if you want to know more just visit this video. I simply followed this video to create my website and then I had my own dropshipping print-on-demand plugin integrated with WordPress to install products.

In my case, I used Printful drop shipping service.

Creating Categories in WordPress that will help in SEO and Navigation

If you are familiar with the WordPress dashboard by now I hope you know how to create categories in WordPress.The categories are created to help your visitors for a good user experience. You will have to decide which niche product you are about to sell in your store first. Then you need to create categories accordingly.

Like in my case, I sold Men’s shirt. So, I made three categories. These three categories were V-Necks, T-Shirts and Long Sleeves

It also helped my business as I am now able to easily navigate through my products and maintain the inventory.

If you want to learn how SEO is done for e-commerce websites you can visit this video on SEO by Neil Patel. You will get a good idea about it.

Creating Important Pages for Your Ecommerce Website

You should create these pages for your WordPress website if you run an e-commerce store.

These pages are about page, contact page, disclaimer page, privacy policy page, terms of service page, products page, return policy page, and shipping policy page. You can visit Wp-beginners to know more about them.

Adding Email Newsletter and Coupon Codes in your Ecommerce store

So, now that you have a website and a good selling product. You must use the power of Coupon Codes, in this video tutorial it is mentioned how to create coupons on your E-Commerce website.

It actually helps a lot in festive seasons and brings a lot of customers to my store when I share a coupon code with them.

Adding an email newsletter is fairly easy and there are several plugins like Wp-forms which can be used.

Conclusion on How to Create an Ecommerce Website using WordPress??

I tried my best to explain the ins and outs of running an e-commerce store using WordPress and it is what I personally tried and tested before switching to Shopify.

So, now I conclude this topic on how to create an e-commerce website using WordPress as it is already too long and just want you to know that there is a huge prospect in doing e-commerce business online.

If you wish to read more of our blogs check them on our website.

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