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how to protect electronics from lightning strikes

Topic: How to Protect Electronics from Lightning Strikes??

Do you use a lot of electronic items in your house? Are you someone who lives in a lightning-prone area? In this article, I will discuss how to protect your electronics from lightning strikes? !!

Normally we receive around 220V of electricity in our homes.

The powerhouse controls and maintains all the process . But in case of lightning strikes what happens and why we must take precaution?

Lightning can cause significant damage as seen in rural and lightning prone areas. As we know that it is a natural phenomenon and one must always take protection from it.

There are mainly two types of effects lightning cause.

Direct effect – This type of lightning cause melting and catching of fire of large structures like buildings and trees.

If you live in a high multi-story building then make sure to get your earthing done properly.

Indirect effect – This are the type of lightning strikes that affects your home electronic equipment.

Due to high voltages and absence of surge protectors the lightning enters your power supply lines and causes severe damage.

So, how to protect your electronics from lightning strikes?

Steps on How to Protect your Electronics from Lightning Strikes ??

After knowing the main reasons of lightning strikes you may be curious to know about the ways you can take precaution.

Now I am sharing the four best ways by which you can maintain safety from lightning.

Before that I will explain the process of Overvoltage due to which the lightning affects systems and power supply lines.

Overvoltage can be caused due to feedback from the earth surface or by electromagnetic induction caused by lightning.

So let us now discuss about the methods by which you can protect your electronics.

1.Switch off the main power supply if lightning is too much in your area.
2.Using of Surge Protectors.
3.Installation of Lightning Conductor by external methods.
4.Stay away from the power supply during lightning.
Steps on How to Protect your Electronics from Lightning Strikes

If you are using a lot of electrical and electronic equipment in your home then it is advisable to check whether your home wiring is done properly.

Always call an electrician to check your wiring and also make sure that your earthing is good.

The microwaves, refrigerators, and ac machines tend to take more electric current and can withstand a sudden change in current voltage but are best to install fuse or circuit breakers in the home.

The installation of circuit arrestors in power lines and surge protectors in the home is very important. One lightning strike contains a lot of electric current and voltage.

This will help in routing of current from original path to earth and help in massive safety.

In big multi storey building normally it is found that electric tower are installed. This helps in safely routing the high current produced due to lightning in the earth and stored for future.

Also ,we advice you to stay away from electrical and electronic equipment during severe lightning and if possible try to switch off the main supply as well.

What does Surge Protector do ?? and Should I buy one ??

In the above mentioned steps on how to protect your electronics from lightning strikes might be clear to you.

But many of you might be wondering about the term ‘surge protector’ !

So, what is a surge protector and how does it helps ?

The sudden power strikes and surges always put your electronics at risk. The lightning strike causes a spike in electric current and this causes due to the issues in power grids.

To protect your electronics from the power surge, engineers designed a surge protector to protect your electronics. Mainly, it will pull away from the current from one outlet to other devices you have plugged to the surge connector.

When a power supply or voltage threshold is over 120V then the surge protector will block it or short it to the ground.

A surge protector lasts for a period of two to five years ,normally if your home is subjected to frequent blackouts then it may be required to change it frequently.

Should you buy a surge protector ??

It is always recommended to buy a surge protector for your home safety. Check the link in the description and here for the best surge protector.


In this article we covered a very important topic on how to protect your electronics from lightning strikes?

It is essential to understand that we must not neglect the safety of electronic appliances as in cases of lightning strikes it can cause severe damage.

We mentioned about the steps you must follow for this cases. So, with this we conclude this article.

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