How to see your Subscribers on YouTube?? USA 2021

how to see your subscribers on youtube

Topic: How to see your subscribers on YouTube?? USA 2021

In this blog, I will answer the above question and this will be a step-by-step detailed post. So, if your query is this then you are definitely at the right place.

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So, How to See your Subscribers on YouTube?? for Beginners

If you have a YouTube Channel and you don’t know how to see your subscribers I will help you with your query over here. I will also help you to do a simple setting on YouTube studio that will allow you to hide your subscribers from the public.

Step 1 – Visit YT studio from YouTube by signing in from your PC or phone. Then in the dashboard, you see an option known as channel analytics.

Here you get to see the number of people who subscribed to your channel. I have taken a screenshot of it please have a look.

youtube channel analytics to view subscribers
YouTube Channel Analytics to view Subscribers

You can also view subscribers from the YouTube channel beside subscribe option and below your name.

But do you know one of the reasons you might not be able to see your subscribers is because of a setting in channel advanced setting .

Step 2 – Go to settings in the channel and choose advanced settings from there. Now choose the subscriber count option as you can see here it is written to display the number of people subscribed to my channel.

You have to tick the box if you wish others to view the number of subscribers you have or else uncheck it.

how to see your subscribers on youtube
Step 2: Change the settings on YouTube Channel settings

I am linking a video on YouTube tutorial where you will learn everything about how to make a YouTube channel for beginners if you don’t have one.


These are the basic two steps you need to follow if you wish to view your subscribers and I hope I have answered your query on how to see your subscribers on YouTube with this.

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