How to Start a Gaming Channel on YouTube?

how to start a gaming channel on youtube

Hey, guys today I will talk about how to start a gaming channel on YouTube that will generate 1000 dollars per month? If you look into the current trends then you will find that most of the youth is having a smartphone in their hands and is into games.

So, starting a gaming YouTube channel is actually not a bad idea. Especially when there is a lot of opportunities for you to earn and make some extra passive income.

In this blog, I am discussing the pros and cons and how to start a gaming channel on YouTube and make some extra cash monthly and weekly. So, if this topic interests you then you can continue reading this article.

YouTube Gaming Equipment for Beginners

As a beginner, if you don’t know anything about YouTube then you must first have a Gmail account. In order to have a Gmail, you need to Sign Up in Gmail. This Gmail can then be used to create a YouTube account by simple sign-in and user verification.

I have made a detailed step-by-step screenshot of how to sign up for Gmail and make a YouTube account. Please have a look and follow the below-mentioned steps.

When you are done with the above steps then verify your Gmail with phone number and create a recovery mail in case of emergency in account settings of email then you are done. Then go to YouTube and sign in with your Gmail Account and you are good to go.

Next, when it comes to gaming YouTube Channel you need to make a professional logo. You can make it very easily by signing up for Canva. There you will find a lot of gaming logos where you get to customize.

Next, you will need a game to play in order to start a Gaming YouTube Channel. There are two types of gamers. One who prefers PC games and another who likes to Play Mobile Games.

Just remember in order to grow your YouTube gaming channel you need to master your game and create a sense of entertainment in your gameplay.

This improves the audience retention rate and increases watch time.

The other important gaming setup for YouTube includes a webcam, high-quality microphone, screen capture software good lighting, and a green screen.

All of the above-mentioned setups are available on Amazon and do not cost much if you think the potential earning it has!

Now I will discuss how you can do SEO of your YouTube Gaming Channel and rank your gaming videos.

How to do YouTube Gaming Channel SEO??

To do your YouTube Gaming Channel SEO you will need to understand the YouTube Keyword Research, the trending section, and many other small details.

Although there are different techniques to do keyword research I use YouTube suggestions to get ideas for my gaming channel. These keywords can be used in your video title, video description, and your video tags.

You can see the latest trending games by visiting the trending section of YouTube and playing any one of the following games.

Remember to get a good mic to record your videos and if you do live stream you can use the OBS software which is free to use.

If you want to know more about YouTube SEO then I will recommend you to watch some good YouTube SEO Tutorials by searching on Google or YouTube.

YouTube Gaming Channel Monetization

You can monetize your YouTube gaming channel if you have completed 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. You can also use super chats to collect money in your live streams once you are eligible to stream live.

Also, you can ask for donations by PayPal for your efforts by placing a link in your video description.

Another cool way to monetize is by selling your own merchandise. Dropshipping Platforms like TeeSpring, Printify helps you create custom-made merchandise, although this is only recommended when you have a lot of followers or subscribers.

I am attaching the YouTube gaming channel monetization rules and other important copyright guidelines, please have a read here.

Conclusion on How to Start a Gaming Channel on YouTube??

So, I hope you got some value after reading this comprehensive article. I tried my best to explain how the gaming industry works on YouTube.

Now, that you have got a basic guideline you can implement your own strategies to excel in your gaming career. You can improve your setup and get a good intro and outro for audience retention and subscriber increase.

Remember the gaming industry is not easy to compete in as there are many possibilities of failure but you need to work hard and create awesome content.

Most people fail as they don’t start, if the gaming interests you then there is no other better option. Just wake up and upload daily !!!

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