How to Use the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine?

how to use the internet archives wayback machine

If you want to know how to use the internet archives wayback machine then I will help you through this blog article. I will .

Basically Internet Archive’s wayback machine is a website service by which you can see the archived versions of a website.

For example, if you want to know how YouTube was in 2005 you can do that with the help of this website. Sound’s interesting to me so lets dive deep into this topic.

So, How to use the Internet Archives Wayback Machine?

To use wayback machine you must visit this site and after that you can enter your destination URL in the search bar or any keyword. If you look into this search bar then you can see what I am telling you.

how to use wayback machine
Image credit : way back machine

If you are looking for any book ,video ,audio ,image or software archive version that too can be done with the help of wayback machine.

Below I will explain how you can change the date and time of wayback machine to see different archived versions of any website.

Image Credit: Way Back Machine

As you can see the in the way back machine I have searched with YouTube and if you want to know how YouTube used to look from the year of its launch to now you get everything here.

You can use change the date and time to see the different archived version and the graph represents the different versions of YouTube till now.

This way you can surf any website. If you are into SEO and you have heard of expired domains then I think you must know how much beneficial it is for the people in this space.

Now ,I will discuss the advantages of using the Wayback Machine.

Benefits of Using WayBack Machine

If you know about website development then you must know that how much the wayback machine is helping. Everything on internet is stored in wayback machine and it helps to know the site structure of a website from past.

The wayback machine is used to know the site history and it is perfect for SEO professionals so if you know how to use the wayback machine it can really help you.


I hope you got some insights in this field and if you follow the above steps sincerely I guarantee you will get the solution on how to use the internet archives wayback machine.

I write different contents related to technology so if you want to know more about us visit our website. Till then happy reading.

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