Rust Video Game Review the USA 2021

rust video game

Hello, and welcome back to another exciting blog post. So, today I will do Rust Video Game Review. I know many of you are familiar with this game and love playing it.

Some of you also are pro gamers and stream video games like Minecraft and Fifa video games on your YouTube Channel. This might give you another choice. The Rust video is one of the popular video games played worldwide especially in the USA.

The great thing about Rust Video Game is it is now available for both windows, mac as well as PlayStation users. The game was officially released on 21 May 2021 for PlayStation.

It is made from the Unity Search engine and its developers are Facepunch studios. Many critics of the gaming industry compared it with the mixture of DayZ and Minecraft.

So, let us know about the gameplay and the concept behind the game. If you are enjoying reading this rust video game review then let’s jump in for a ride in the gaming world of rust.

Gameplay and Concept of Rust Video Game

This game is often compared with Minecraft and other survival games by many gamers. This is a multiplayer game where players are in a harsh real-life environment with the sole purpose is to survive.

They have to face fierce wild animals and have to be safe from certain parts of the algorithmically generated map where their opponent players are present.

The players will be provided with a rock to cut down trees and can be used as a tool for the means of survival. They are also provided with a torch. There are also many criteria for staying alive in the game.

The most common criteria are that the player must not starve and needs food. There are also chances of drowning so they will get all the typical hard experiences that a person can get staying alone on a lonely island.

Another important thing about the rust video game is maps. I mention this multiple times as there are different radioactive areas and have a specific set of dressing codes. If not followed properly can result in immediate disqualification.

The other important part of this gameplay is to form clans. They can be made to provide necessary help to the members.

There are other interesting things in this game that makes it more likable like uses of helicopters, parachutes, and boat as vehicles.

The one vs one battle has a different level of vibe altogether, the use of history and modern equipment gives the game a really interesting look.

Popularity and Reception

According to reports, the game sold around 200,000 copies within the first few weeks which is far more than other games that were released at that time. It saw a huge rise in popularity as YouTubers and Twitch streamers consistently played it in 2021.

Also due to its recent release on Playstation and Xbox the game got a massive push in revenue and has sold over a million copies within a week.


If you are into gaming then you must try the rust video game, you can get the game from steam. It is a very popular game where you get your nerves tested. It is one of the few games very popular among gamers and if you have a gaming channel on any platform like Twitch or YouTube you must go with it.

This will surely increase your audience and subscribers.

So, this is my conclusion for the Rust Video Game and I hope it was useful if you have been in search of a particular Rust Video Game review. You can check our other posts on the website.

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