This IOS Trick will help you to get water out of your iPhone Speaker

How to get water out of your iPhone speaker??

Your iPhone has been dropped into water or an ocean, and now water has lodged in it. This can cause muffled sound and damage to the device.

Here’s a trick that will help you get rid of the water stuck to the speakers,before you throw the device away.

Water Eject, which is free, allows you to blast water out of your iPhone so it doesn’t get damaged. This is what you need to know and how to set up the iOS shortcut on your Apple device.

So was it a lie that my iPhone was waterproof ??

Although your iPhone is waterproof, it is not water-resistant. This distinction is crucial: a waterproof device can be permeable to water while a water-resistant one is not.

Since the iPhone 7’s release, every iPhone has been water-resistant.Although your iPhone might be able to survive a prolonged stay submerged, it is still possible for water to get trapped inside the speaker.

To get rid of water, you may need to use the low-frequency sound tone shortcut.

Can you explain me how low-frequency tone get water out of iPhone speakers??

The Apple Watch Series 2 and subsequent models come with an inbuilt feature called Water Lock, which plays an array of sounds that shake the device to release water inside the Apple Watch.

It’s similar to the Water Eject shortcut for the iPhone is similar to the Water Eject shortcut for the iPhone — When the shortcut enabled the ultra-low 165Hz frequency sound is played that assists in pushing out water that’s trapped in the speakers.

How to use the Shortcuts app for ejecting water out of my iPhone speakers??

The Shortcuts application is downloaded as a default.In the Shortcuts application navigate to My Shortcuts. Go to the My Shortcuts page and tap the Water Eject shortcut on the right to start it.

After that you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

Steps to set up Shortcuts app for ejecting water out of iPhone

A menu will be displayed with the following choices:

  • Start the tone will be played for about 15 seconds. At the end, you’ll feel a thumping as well as hear a sound that chirps and get a message stating it has released.
  • Touch The tone continues to play when you touch the stop button on the shortcut.
  • Settings You can choose to know more about the shortcut, update it and share it, and provide feedback.

Select to begin or Click Play to activate the low frequency sound and begin to eject water the speakers. This shortcut might not be able to flush all of the water in the speaker, but it should bring a significant amount out.

Although you might be attracted by the sound of the lower frequency tones for a long period of time, you shouldn’t do it too long it could be detrimental to the speakers you have.


If you find that water remains stuck within the ports of your iPhone, Apple recommends that you clean your phone with a soft, lint-free fabric similar to lens cloth.

It is recommended to put the charging port in your palm and gently press it down several times to get rid of any water that has been trapped.

Set your iPhone on a clean location with a little airflow to hopefully get rid of any remaining retained moisture.

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