Android Auto for Phones is Dead,New Android update 

Android Auto for phones has stopped working completely The Play Store listing also removed Users who open it are directed into  the Android Auto settings page where they are unable to perform  anything.

Google  has, however, advised users using Android Auto for phones to have a  car-optimized experience their phones to change to driving mode included  along with Google Assistant.

Driving mode released in the year 2021 specifically to play the function of a substitute for Android Auto for phones

If your vehicle can be used to Android Auto, you can connect to the car's display this is said by an  Google official.

Google  Assistant's driving mode is developed using Google Maps in mind, and  even though the core features package remains which allows you to make  calls, and send and send messages, the lack in support of other apps for  navigation is an important negative

Driving  mode is available only it is available only in Australia, Canada,  France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Spain The United Kingdom, and the  United States.

The  community reacts to the end that has been brought about by the loss of  Android Auto for smartphones in particular because many users have no  choice to the application that they've used for years in their vehicles.