Bryce Dallas Howard shares her personal post-partum heartbreaking journey

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She  initially described it as feeling like she was in a "black hole" or a  "nightmare", but she later admitted that these descriptions made her  cringe.

The actress wrote that everything was perfect until Theo was born, and she felt nothing. Bryce, while everyone was adoring her baby, said that she had no impression of her own.

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Bryce said, "For the sakes of those around me and my son, I pretended." "But  when I started showering again the second week, I let out in the  privacy and water flowed over me, heaving uncontrollable sobs. "

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Bryce stated that her physical appearance was making it difficult for her to be happy, in addition to her mental well-being. She said, "Before Theo was Born, I was in good humor about my 80-pound weight gain. But now, it was making me miserable."

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Bryce was ill for over a year and half before she finally sought help from her friends.Bryce was able to heal herself using a combination homeopathic treatment, therapy, and time.

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Although Bryce's struggle was difficult and long, it is important to discuss it. "Postpartum Depression is difficult to describe," she wrote. "The way that the body, mind and spirit crumble and fall in the wake is what most people believe should be celebrated."

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She also has a daughter, Beatrice (ten).She also expressed her deepest gratitude for those who stood by her hard times.

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The Actress believes her journey taught her to be a strong person and how can she overcome hard times.

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