Hide Profile Picture from Specific Contacts in Whatsapp -Full Guide

WhatsApp's privacy tools give you more control over the information you share on the app. You can conceal your last visited at your profile photo, profile picture or status and even information from certain people on WhatsApp. You can still get in touch with you with normal messages

If you don't wish to publish your WhatsApp story, you can read our guide on concealing your WhatsApp status for selected contacts. If someone is bothering you on WhatsApp then you may prefer to block them using the option.

Now we will explain the settings by which you can hide your profile picture from specific contacts in iPhone and Android.

First we will cover in iPhone.Start WhatsApp on your iPhone. Select the Settings menu at the lower left corner (the one which appears like the gear icon). Click on Account. Select Privacy. Click on the Profile Photo menu. There are four options available. Select My Contacts Except.

Look through the WhatsApp contacts list using the menu below. Select the contacts that you wish to block your profile photo. Tap on Done in the upper right corner. You  will be taken to the menu that you were in, and you'll be able to check  the number of contacts you have removed from viewing your profile  image.

Launch WhatsApp on Android. Click on the menu with three dots at the top of the right. Open Settings. Choose Account in the WhatsApp Settings menu. Open Privacy. Select Profile photo. There  are four of the options you are used to from WhatsApp app for iOS (you  can verify their significance from the previous paragraph above). Click on the radio icon next to My contacts but with a different name. Select the radio icon beside contacts from the menu below. Press the checkmark at the upper right corner.

The selected contacts won't be able to see your profile's current or future images on WhatsApp. If  you suspect someone is using your WhatsApp profile image, follow the  steps above and block your profile image from selected contacts.