How to Clear and hide  Recent Files List in Adobe Photoshop??

Click "File" in your menu bar to clear Adobe Photoshop's recent photos list. .

Next, click "Open Recent" in the menu bar. In the small menu that opens, choose "Clear Recent List".

That's it. You'll lose your most recent file list.

New files can still be added to your file list when they are opened. This section will help you fix it.

Now we will learn how to hide recent files list in Photoshop.It's simple to delete the Recent File List from Photoshop, as you can see. However, if you open additional files after that, they will be added to the list. Click "Edit" in menu bar to remove the Recent File List and hide recent files from "Home"

Next, click "Edit" in the menu bar. Next, select Preferences and then "File Handling". Click "OK" to save your changes. The Preferences window will close after that.

The File menu and the Home screen will no longer display the list of files that were recently opened.

We hope this guide on how to clear and hide recent files list in Adobe photoshop helped you.