How to fix automatic closing of messenger video call in android and iPhone?? 

Messenger video calls that stop working in the middle of trying to keep up with  your family and friends isn't something you'd like to be experiencing in  2022. The issue of crashing and crashing can be encountered in the two platforms, iOS or Android.

To solve the issue of Messenger video calls that stop instantly in iPhone and Android there are certain steps you must follow.

You should ensure that you have a secure internet connection. – Try switching to mobile data if the device is connected via WiFi. – If you are using a mobile data connection to access the internet, switch to WiFi and turn off your mobile data connection

Next we need to – Swipe away to reopen your mobile app. – Make sure the Messenger latest update is installed.Any bugs or errors can be fixed by installing the most recent update. – Log in to the Messenger app and log out. – You can delete the app and reinstall it.

After that – Restart your mobile phone.iPhone  users can accomplish this by pressing down the power button and volume  up buttons, then moving the slider to "slide-to-power off". To turn the phone back on, users can hold down the power button. Android users can do this by pressing the power button. To turn it back on, hold down the power button. – Mobile permissions must be enabled for the app.iPhone  users can access this feature by going to "Settings", scrolling down to  apps and selecting "Messenger". Make sure the Microphone (and Camera)  are turned on. Android  users can verify this by going to "Settings", selecting "Apps", then  "Apps", then "Messenger," and tapping "Permissions".

Users will need to report Messenger directly if the above solutions do not work. Users of desktops can submit a report via: – Users will need to choose "Preferences". – Next, select "Report Problem." – Please describe the problem and click "Send".

The mobile users can also submit a report by selecting the cog in the top left,also then "click a problem".You need to mention the problem and select "send".