Internet explorer star of windows permanently disabled

Microsoft will retire IE today, almost 27 years after its inception. Microsoft Edge will replace the aging web browser. Support for IE 11 has been officially withdrawn.

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Microsoft was the first to abandon the Internet Explorer brand, with the release Windows 10 in 2015.

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Over  the next months, Microsoft will begin rolling out a new prompt that  redirects who are still using Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. As part of future Windows updates, Internet Explorer will eventually be permanently disabled.

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Microsoft  has made its Chromium-powered Edge the default browser for Windows 11  but the MSHTML engine which powers Internet Explorer remains part of  Windows 11.

It  is used to support IE mode within Microsoft Edge. Microsoft claims that  it will continue to support Edge mode through at least 2029.

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For web apps and sites with a long history of use, Edge's IE mode has been largely adopted by businesses. This IE mode was created by Microsoft in 2019. It supports older ActiveX controls, which many legacy sites still use.

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Microsoft  has warned about Internet Explorer's retirement for many years. It's  still carefully monitoring prompts and redirects, until the browser is  completely removed in the next few months.

Windows 11 users don't need to worry about Internet Explorer. It doesn't even come with an accessible edition of IE. This is the first time Microsoft has not bundled IE with a new Windows version in more than 20 years.

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