What ?? Zendaya is pregnant ??

A recent TikTok joke claimed Zendaya is pregnant with Tom Holland's child, and Zendaya's fans were fooled.

Zendaya's Twitter followers weren't entirely in on the TikTok joke so they. were puzzled when she started trending on another social media platform

There  are no signs that the "Spider-Man: No Way Home” costars are expecting a  baby. They have not yet responded to the prank video.

However, the "Shake It Up” alum, 25 and her beau 26 seem to be doing well. Zendaya recently posted a black-and white photo of Holland to celebrate his birthday.

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The couple, affectionately called "Tomdaya", have been more open to sharing their love publicly over the past year.

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Page Six confirmed their relationship in July 2021

The  viral, fan-created clips include a fake ultrasound. This appears to  have been posted by "Euphoria", which then cuts to Kris Jenner dancing  to "Lady Marmalade."

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This is known as "Krissed," which refers to the trickery of luring viewers into believing a false story.

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