HBO Reacts to Game of Thrones Sequel as Possible return of Jon Snow is in air

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HBO Max shared a funny response to the news of a  Game of Thrones spinoff. It stars Kit Harington and Jon Snow.

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In less than 24 hours, news broke that HBO was considering a continuation of Game of Thrones. Harington is expected to reprise the role.

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The Hollywood Reporter reports Harington is associated to the HBO project. However, that hasn’t stopped HBO Max’s streaming sibling HBO Max finding humor over the shocked reactions.

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One of the most famous lines in Games of Thrones is used by HBO Max's official Twitter account.

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HBO Max shared a photo of Jon Snow, from the hit HBO series. He tweeted "I know nothing." This is a reference to the phrase Ygritte used on Jon Snow as he held her captive. Rose Leslie, Kit Harington’s wife, was Ygritte's character in Seasons 2-4.


If Kit Harington makes a return, it opens up the possibility for other Game of Thrones actors like Sophie Turner as SansaStark and Maisie Williams as AryaStark.

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This news indicates that seven Game of Thrones projects are in the works, in addition to the upcoming House of the Dragon prequel TV series which will debut August 21.