Scientifically proven mnemonic training method that improves our memory

Now anyone can improve their memory using an Ancient Greek and Romans method.

The idea is to create a memory place.Daily practicing can improve your average storage skills.

Originally the researchers published their findings on improving your memory in the journal Neuron back in 2017.

The researchers found dramatic improvement in memory by volunteers.62 out of 72 test terms can be remembered while 4 months back it was only 26 .

SO what are the actual steps to do this ??                         Firstly ,you need to think in your mind that you are inside a place and you are walking around that place.

Next imagine there are different doors,cabinets or something and each corresponds to different words you memorize.

If you practice this each day you too will see the improvements in memory.The method is known as "method of loci"which translates method of places.