Top NBA Draft Picks Nebraska and Rules of NBA that changed the competition

NBA's  annual draft is an opportunity for top college players and international players to enter the competition.

Currently ,the qualifying rounds consists of two rounds.

Starting from 2006 drafts it was decided that the NBA drafts will take place  differently.

The high school players need to wait one more year after graduation in order to play the game.

So let us look at some of the historic draft picks from Nebraska before june 23,2022 draft picks that changes the tournament.

Chuck Jura-1972,Joe Vogel-1996,Ron Kellogg-1986,Rich Yunkus-1971,Khyri Thomos-2018,JT Thor - 2021,Rex Walters-1993,Justin Patton -2017,Rich King-1991,Bob Boozer -1991

Some  names are Lebron James and D Howard from 2004 where this rules did not exist but if  it did how this would impact NBA is unimaginable.