Owner of Marilyn Monroe dress says on Dress Controversy

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The dress, which Marilyn Monroe wore at the Met ball last month, was worn by Kim Kardashian and the owners have denied that it was damaged by the loan.

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Ripley's  Believe It or Not! bought the dress. Monroe wore it in 1962 to sing  Happy Birthday John F Kennedy. In 2016, for PS3.8m, Ripley said that it  was confident Kardashian had not caused any damage.

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After  Scott Fortner, a Monroe collector posted photos on Instagram claiming  that the dress had suffered "significant" damage, there was a renewed  backlash against the reality television star who wore it.

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After  appearing on the red carpet wearing the original outfit, Kardashian  changed into a replica dress. She accessorized with a white stole  because she couldn't zip the zipper at the back.

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However the owner defended her by saying"Kim  Kardashian's climb up the stairs of the Metropolitan Museum at the Met  Gala caused quite a stir. But Ripley's Believe It or Not! It said that the incident did not damage Marilyn Monroe's 1962 'Happy Birthday' gown.

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"Our  mission is both to entertain and educate visitors and their fans. We  spark conversations such as the one around Marilyn Monroe's dress.

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....Ripley's  spokesperson claimed that the dress was in the exact same condition it  began in from the bottom of the Met stairs, where Kim wore it, up to the  top, where it was returned."

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