How to permanently end spam calls and texts with Google Fi on your Android phone ??

We know you are tired of those spam calls and we will not waste any more time and tell you the exact steps to block spam calls in android using Google fi

Download the Google Fi app to your phone. Scroll down to tap "Families" at the top of the page, below "Phone Settings"

Toggle: "Block contact with strangers"   Make sure you add all new and important contacts to your contact list to ensure that you don't miss any calls.

This means that only your contacts, or people you have personally contacted, are allowed to text or call you.

Google now allows anyone to block contact from strangers. This was originally intended for Family Link accounts.

Spam calls, strangers and wrong numbers are all automatically sent a message to inform them that the number is not in service.

Make  sure that if have contacts are   of your doctors , Shipment  shoppers, etc. who need to reach you put them into your Google Contacts  as soon as possible.

In this way we will not miss any important call as well and help to block only spam callers in android using google fi