Know How whatsapp users will no longer be trapped on Android and use move to IOS Feature ??

The popularity of WhatsApp was enough to keep many users from switching to other platforms for years.

Facebook  its parent company Meta that also manages WhatsApp started offering an  option to assist iPhone users seamlessly switch to Android this year. But, those who wanted to migrate into an iPhone were not able by Meta to let their WhatsApp history to be left behind.

The app has been integrated with the Move app iOS it is an Android application developed by Apple to facilitate a seamless transfer for Android users to the world of iPhone.

To migrate whatsapp to iPhone ,it requires iPhone is required to run iOS 15.5. This implies that this feature of secure transfer was only made possible thanks to Apple's most recent iOS release.

Transfer to iOS is available on any device that runs Android OS Lollipop with SDK 21 or higher or Android 5 or later.

The transfer process is : 1. Start your Moving to iOS application to the Android device. 2. Enter the code that appears in your iPhone to verify that you've migrated to the right device. 3. Proceed through the process and, if you are asked, make sure that WhatsApp appears on the Transfer Data screen, as well as everything else you'd like to transfer. 4. Follow the steps within this Moving on iOS application to initiate the transfer, and let it finish.

WhatsApp  will prompt you to verify your telephone number when you first launch  it, since that's required for decrypting the data being transferred. After you've authenticated you'll find your chats awaiting you within the iPhone application. You'll also have the option of backing up your WhatsApp information onto iCloud Drive. This makes switching to the latest iPhone easier