What is Smartphone Widget?

what is smartphone widget

Topic: What is Smartphone Widget?

What is Smartphone Widget USA 2021??

Have you ever been curious while you have closed the music player in your smartphone and maybe busy with any other app but you still see it playing in the background with the music player?

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Or have you searched something on Google immediately in your smartphone from your home screen?

If this is the case, then this is the article where you will learn completely about what is smartphone widget and other important information about smartphone widgets.

So, what is a smartphone widget?

Widget first appeared in android widgets in android version 1.5. But since then due to all the types of upgrades, the widgets also changed.

A smartphone widget is a program that is installed in the device and is used as a shortcut to big applications.

It comes very handy in our daily life when we use a widget and this widget comes in every shape and size. Have you seen widgets on web pages ??

The sidebar you see in the web pages and the navigation menu are all widgets.

The advertisements you see flashing up on your pc or smartphone are all widgets.

In smartphones, the manufacturers usually install basic widgets like clock, calendar, and other widgets but some big companies install better widgets.

How to Add Widgets on Android?

Smartphone widgets looks cool if they are nicely customizable and some widgets even takes less data compared to applications installed in your mobile phones.

So, in this tutorial we will know how to add widgets on your android phones. Follow the below mentioned steps to know them.

  • Press gently on your smartphone home screen.
  • A new window will appear with different options ,choose widgets from them.
  • You will have several options from which you can choose different types of widgets. Like weather widget, search engine bar widget, and many more.
  • You will have options to resize this widget. Then just add your favourite widget to your android smartphone.

Next ,we will learn how to add widgets in your iphone smartphones.

How to Add Widgets on Iphone?

To add widgets on Iphone you have to follow the below mentioned tutorial.

Creating a widget in iPhone is very much more of an easy job compared to the android you can create smart widgets with different customization options. This will save the space in your homescreen.

  • Press on your home screen and make sure to hold an empty area on your screen until you see the apps you have installed to actually show up with a minus sign with them
  • Tap on the plus sign that will show up on the left-side top corner of your screen to add your widgets.
  • Similarly, you can widgets on Ipad as well.


In this short but in-depth article we have tried to cover the topic of what is a smartphone widget. How you can add them in your android and Iphone home screens and much more.

Having to know technology and actually experiencing it practically are actually two different things and we here on this website help you understand how technology works but if you have actually used the product then it will be an added advantage.

Smartphones are rapidly introducing new technology and to keep up with the growth it is a tremendous task.

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