Why does Water damage Electronics?

why does water damage electronics

Topic : Why does water damage electronics ?? | Best water resistant bluetooth speaker !!

It is often seen that when water gets in our electronic device then it damages the device.

In this blog post, I will be explaining why does water damages our electronics !! Have you got any this type of experience when you by mistake spilled your water bottle water on your laptop or mobile and it stopped working ??

I guess this type of experiences are not pleasant at all. Although we love using the different gadgets like android or IOS phones, digital camera and much more but when using it we must keep it away from water.

In below , I will share the things that might cause damage electronics .If you are not from technical background some points may be difficult to understand but I will try to explain them in easy way to the best of my knowledge !!

So, why does water damage electronics ??

So after a detailed survey and a little bit of research on why does electronics get water damage ?? I have found some answers ,let me point it out below.

  • Water Conducts Electric Current – this is a reason and we know that only water that contains minerals and not pure conducts electricity. When brought into contact with electronic devices they cause conductivity and cause a short circuit due to high voltages.
  • Misconception about Water and Electronics – Normally water does not cause conductivity. But if we mix impure substances with it like salts it causes the actual conductivity. So, normal water is not the reason why water causes a short circuit on electronic devices and is a misconception.
  • Circuit damage -Normally the electronic devices occurs short circuit when turned on. Water when comes in the path of the circuit inside the device then the current will flow along an unintended path causing less resistivity. Ions in the impure water cause attraction with electrons in the circuit and might result in damage to your device.
  • In the case of devices that are not turned on – if your electronics are not connected to power then it will cause the devices little to less damage. As the device will dry up the liquid. The process of electrolysis occurs when water comes in contact with electricity.

After knowing about the consequences of water and the why does water damage electronics we will see if there are any solutions to our problem in below mentioned paragraph.

Steps to Protect Water from Damage of Electronics

There are some solutions or remedies you can follow to keep your electronics safe from water damage. Let’s discuss it now.

  • Use of Surge Protectors – the surge cause spikes that can cause your device to damage if there is lightning or a short circuit. In this case, you can use surge protectors.
  • Always unplug your device – if you are not using an electronic device you must unplug them from power.
  • Use the latest water-resistant electronic devices -in today’s device almost every technology uses water-resistive technology. The cell phones, laptops, headphones, and other gadgets you might use are now using this technology as a great alternative.

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After a detailed post on electronics, we have learned about the different aspects of electronics when bought into contact with water. Water-resistant technology is considered a new trend and a great alternative. We have tried to cover the other solutions as well on how to protect electronics from waterdamage.

So, after this detailed post now we conclude our topic on why does water damage electronics !! If you found this post useful please rate this post and give us your feedback. You can check our other informative blog posts as well on our website.

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